Topline Balance® is a unique approach to topline health. It is contained in select feeds within the Nutrena feed line as well as specific Progressive Nutrition products.

Not all horses need an amino acid supplement in addition to their feed. If you are feeding a premium Nutrena feed containing Topline Balance® at our recommended rate, no supplement is required. The supplements are used for those situations where owners are wishing to see faster response/improvement, horses are eating forages lower in quality, or horses are in harder work and need the supplement for additional muscle recovery support. Your specific circumstance will dictate what feeding program you need to be on and whether or not it would benefit you to add an amino acid supplement.

Nutrena has a great tool that can help you assess your horse’s topline and make decisions on what changes you can make in his diet to improve it. Click on the “fix my topline” button on this site to learn more. Once the tool has made a recommendation on what feeds will fit your horse’s needs, you’ll be given the option find a dealer near you. If you still have questions, contact your local Nutrena representative through your local Nutrena retailer. They can talk to you about your specific horse’s needs and your concerns.